(formerly Horizon)

The gifted program at GES serves students via the advanced content model of gifted education. Mrs. Anna Parker and Mrs. Jess Paxton teach classes in science and social studies for students that qualify for gifted services under the Georgia Department of Education gift education eligibility criteria. 

Students who are referred for the Quest program must test in all qualify in at least 3 of the 4 content areas to be eligible for Quest. These content areas include academic achievement, cognitive ability, creativity, and motivation. Testing requirements are set forth by the GaDOE. For additional information regarding the gifted program, please visit the GaDOE website

Gifted Education Manual  

Quest Referral and Testing Procedures

Step 1: Student referrals are made in late winter/early spring.

Step 2: The Student Search/Eligibility Team considers information collected on student referral paperwork and decides if it is appropriate to proceed with formal evaluation.

Step 3: The student is referred for gifted education evaluation in mental ability, achievement, creativity, and motivation.

Step 4: Eligibility Team reviews assessment results and makes recommendations.

Step 5: Eligible students receive notification and begin receiving gifted services.