Guidance and Counseling Program

Mrs. Jenni Kellerhals is a professional who provides guidance services for all students. These services help children develop academically, personally and socially. She is available to:

assist parents and teachers in helping children.

conduct classroom guidance activities.

provide individual and small group counseling.

coordinate school-wide guidance activities.

consult with outside agencies.

A child may see the counselor for study skills, friend problems, new situations, difficult decisions, school problems, success & accomplishments, family concerns, happy occasions, death or serious illness, or any other area of concern.

A child may see Mrs. Kellerhals in a number of ways. There may be:

RTI referral (behavioral interventions),

Teacher referral,

Administrative referral,

Parental referral,

or self-referral by the student.

Mrs. Kellerhals has been at Graysville for 13 years. She was a special education teacher for 12 years and became the school guidance counselor in 2020.  Her years of experience allow her a unique insight into the many issues children face today.