Family-School Compacts

Family-School Compacts

Each year teachers, parents, and students work together to create a compact, or agreement, that will outline the ways in which we will all work together to make certain that our students are able to reach grade-level standards. 
Teacher input is gathered at grade-level meetings, parent input is collected through the Title I Fall Survey, and student input is sought during meetings with the  Parent Involvement Coordinator. If you would like to provide additional input toward the School-Family Compact, please contact Marissa Watson, Parent Involvement Coordinator, at [email protected] or at 706-937-3147 x 303. 2022-23Family-School Compacts were voted on for approval during the Fall Parent Advisory Council meeting. This year's meeting was held online beginning  September 27th.

2022-2023 Family-School Compacts

Kindergarten Family-School Compact
1st Grade Family-School Compact
2nd Grade Family-School Compact
3rd Grade Family-School Compact
4th Grade Family-School  Compact
5th Grade Family-School  Compact

Translated Compacts
Simplified Chinese 2nd Grade
Simplified Chinese 5th Grade
Simplified Chinese Signature Sheet
Spanish Kindergarten
Spanish 2nd Grade
Spanish 3rd Grade
Spanish 5th Grade
Spanish Signature Sheet

Printable Compact Signature Sheets
Printable Compact Parent Input Form
Printable Simplified Chinese Parent Compact Input Form
Printable Spanish Parent Compact Input Form