Fall Survey

Fall Survey

This survey is to share what you feel is needed to help GES families become more involved with our children's education. The information gathered with this survey is used to develop our various family resources available in our Parent Resource Workroom (Room 302)  and to gather input for our Title I program. 

Fall Survey 2020  (online form)
Fall Survey 2020 (printable survey)
Fall Survey 2020 - Arabic
Fall Survey  2020 - Simplified Chinese
Fall Survey - Spanish

Fall Survey 2020 Results

Please view the links below for additional information on the topics addressed in the Title I Fall Survey. Brochures are available upon request. 

Parent Resource Library (Available brochures, handouts, and books)
Resource Request Form
GES Programs (EIP, ESOL, Horizon, Special Education, Title I) Information
GED Information
Grandparents Raising Grandkids
Computer Skills for Families
Testing & Curriculum 
Website Translation Instructions