Family Engagement Projects

GES Title I Family Engagement Projects

November is National Family Engagement Month

This year we are giving the "Gift of Reading" during National Family Engagement month. Ornaments are sent home with each students. GES families are encouraged to read their favorite holiday book together and complete the ornament and return it to school. A tree will be decorated with the ornaments as a reminder that being "present" in your child's education is a "gift". We know the time spent together as a family working on this project is time well spent. Your children are so proud to show off their contribution. A photo of the completed tree will be posted to this page or Title I would like to encourage you to stop by the school and come in to see if for yourself!
Thank you for participating in Title I! 

Other Ideas for celebrating Family Engagement Month

  • Read a book together as a family
  • Write a story together
  • Act out a family favorite book
  • Create a family art gallery
  • Read a book and watch a movie based on that book
  • Bake something together - You will use lots of math
  • Measure how far your child can jump, throw a ball, etc.
  • Count how many times your child can jump rope in a row or hop on one foot
  • Build something out of Legos or blocks
  • Take a walk and discuss what you see: how many blue houses are in your neighborhood? What color leaves do you see? Why are the leaves changing? 
  • Host a family book exchange - everyone picks a book for another family member

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Project Instructions
Simplified Chinese Project Instructions
Spanish Project Instructions
Ornament Printable
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