Apple Safari Instructions

Instructions for Viewing Title I Virtual Meeting Videos Using the Apple Safari Web Browser       
(for iPhones and iPads)

Most videos and presentations provided by the GES Title I program are best and most easily viewed through the Google Chrome web browser. This can be downloaded through an App Store for your mobile device. However, if you are using an Apple device (iPhone or iPad) and do not have the Google Chrome browser and are attempting to view with the Apple Safari browser without success, please follow the instructions below. 

1. Hit the home button twice. This will show all of the apps running on your device.

2. Swipe "up" on each app box to force the application to close.

3. Locate the Apple Settings icon Apple Gear Icon and tap to select.

4. Scroll down on the list until you see the Safari icon. safari icon and tap to select. 

5. Next scroll to find and toggle the slide buttons so they appear in the following:
     Block Popup - Slide so that it is gray (NOT green)
     Prevent Cross-Site Tracking - Slide so that it is gray (NOT green)
     Block All Cookie - Slide so that it is gray (NOT green)
     Request Desktop Website, All Website Data - Slide so that it is gray (NOT green) Tap the blue Safari at the top            left corner to return to the screen before.

6. Scroll down and locate and tap the word "Advanced", tap "Website Data", scroll down to find in red  and tap "Remove All Website Data". A box will popup and ask again to remove, select "Remove Now".

7. Hit the home button on your device once more. 

8. Try to view the link again.