Graysville Renaissance

Mission Statement

The mission of Renaissance at Graysville School is to promote and achieve academic excellence and good behavior. Graysville Renaissance is a journey. It will be continually modified to meet the needs of our school. We are striving to create a renaissance in every student, teacher, administrator, support personnel, and parents of Graysville School.

Through the implementation of Renaissance, our goals are to:

  • Raise school spirit by building teamwork and support for each other.
  • Raise academic averages to increase student success and confidence.
  • Increase attendance rates to maximize student success.
  • Lower discipline problems to build success and self-control.

What is Renaissance? The Renaissance program is a nationwide program to motivate and encourage students and staff by rewarding academic excellence. Graysville has chosen this program to recognize students who maintain an above average academic record and demonstrate good behavior at school.

The Renaissance program is a partnership linking the school to the community as students are rewarded for their achievements. The program also recognizes educators as dedicated professionals who make a difference in the growth of our children.

How Renaissance works

Students in grades two through five who receive A's, B's, and no more than C's on each report card and meet the behavior criteria are eligible to participate in the Renaissance program. These students will receive:

  • Free items and discounts from local businesses
  • Special field trips or activities
  • Special prizes each grading period
  • A Renaissance T-shirt

At the end of each nine weeks, parents will be invited to the school for an assembly. Each student who earns Renaissance will be recognized at a ceremony for his/her grade level. Students will also attend academic pep rallies, earn Paw Passes, and receive perfect attendance awards.

Teachers and support staff will also be honored at assemblies, receive Renaissance shirts, and more!

How can you help?

To accomplish all of this, the Graysville School Renaissance Program needs help in the form of financial support, services, and personal commitment. Area businesses and civic organizations may be involved in many innovative ways, including:

  • Monetary donations
  • Donations of goods for awards and other incentives
  • Time as a school volunteer

Your involvement in this program will not only benefit the students and staff at GES, but will demonstrate your commitment to our community. A natural out-growth of your involvement will be:

Increased awareness of your business by students and parents.

  • Greater patrionization resulting from school emphasis on sponsors.
  • Possible media coverage of your participation.
  • Recognition of school sponsors.

Thank you for your interest in Renaissance!