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Pam Craft Staff Photo


I  earned my Bachelor of Science Degree in Child Development from California State University, Fullerton.

I earned an Associates Degree in Communications from Goldenwest College - Costa Mesa, California. 

I hold a professional teaching certificate  (K-8).



I began my teaching career in Long Beach, California where I taught 4th grade. After moving to TN/Georgia, I filled in and taught one year of Special Ed. at Ringgold Elementary School. I  took off to sub. teach for the next seven, or so, years in order to be more available for my own children.  I still got to teach, but without all of the take-home "stuff."

Since returning to my own classroom, I have taught 2nd grade, EIP, first grade and fifth grade.  Teaching is not always an easy job, but with supportive parents and coworkers, I get the job done.

My favorite part of teaching first grade was seeing the students' pride in themselves when they realized they had learned to read.   Now, in 5th grade, I will enjoy seeing the other end of the spectrum and seeing how far they have come since those first years in school. I get the added privilege of having some of my former first graders in my class.  It's going to be a great year.    



 I met my husband, Fred, in college in California and we married in 1986.  We are the proud parents of two daughters, Christine and Lindsey, who both now live in Denver, Colorado.  I love the outdoors and try to be as active as my schedule allows. I began teaching in Long Beach, California in 1987 and have taught in Catoosa County, as a sub and a full-time teacher, since 1993.      Yep, I'm getting old.  (: